To make travel better, let’s lose the titles

Let’s scrap the titles.

That’s my takeaway after one of my sources raised the issue of adding “doctor” to her name when she flies.

Let’s dispense with Rev., Dr. and Hon. on our tickets. These prefixes create unnecessary divisions in an industry that’s already unnecessarily stratified.
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Is it time to eliminate first class?

This morning’s USA Today column about entitled travelers is whipping up a little turbulence.
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Let’s talk about first class, shall we?

Janice Hough’s scathing critique of first class tickets that weren’t really first class tickets was this week’s most visited story.

It’s a revelation that should come as absolutely no surprise to readers of this site. But even experienced airline critics will find a little grist for their mill.

Let the tilting begin.
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Economy class gets an upgrade – or is it a downgrade?

The lowly economy-class section is getting an upgrade in 2015. Or a downgrade, depending on your point of view.
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Have travelers lost the class war?

Whenever an airline introduces new lie-flat seats for its richest customers or makes its “elite” level more elusive by restructuring its loyalty program, as has been happening lately, it sparks a predictable debate about the growing rift between the “haves” and “have-nots” in travel.

Next month, American Airlines will begin flying a new Airbus A321T between New York and San Francisco. It comes with lie-flat seats in the front of the plane and an espresso machine only for first-class customers.
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