Who’s afraid of a bomb-making barista?

Timing was never the TSA’s thing.
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Will TSA’s new senior exemption make air travel safer?

Nothing makes you forget bad news faster than a little manufactured good news, a PR secret the TSA seems to have stumbled upon last week.
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I’m seeing red after car bomb refund fizzles

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Question: I had tickets to see the Broadway show Red at the Golden Theatre in New York on May 1. Unfortunately, that was also the day a car bomber tried to strike in Times Square, so I couldn’t get to the theater unless I wanted to try to break through a police barricade.

When I phoned the next day to ask for a refund, I was told by Telecharge that the the Shubert Organization, which owns the theater, was refusing to give refunds. A surly representative said I could try sending an e-mail to Telecharge but they have not even had the courtesy to reply. I’ve read about some people from out of town who received refunds, but apparently not those with tickets to shows in Shubert-owned theaters.

I am an adjunct professor at a Chicago university and a widow and buying that ticket was a real splurge, but because I teach art history, I really wanted to see it. I can’t believe that Shubert is taking the opportunity provided by this unfortunate incident to take advantage of tourists and use a terror attack for their own profit.

I would hope that you could publicize the fact that not all theater owners are being as cooperative as those who have been cited in recent articles. Some are apparently too consumed by greed. In the early years after the 9/11 attacks when New York was in dire need of tourist dollars, I found the city very welcoming. Now that things have normalized, it’s open season to prey on tourists.

Kathleen Murphy Skolnik, Chicago

Answer: You should have received a refund for your show. And even if you didn’t, the representative you spoke with shouldn’t have been surly.
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