A few very important comments about your comments

Thank you.

I wanted to start by saying that, because the bottom line is, I’m really grateful to you for making this site what it is today.
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Should I delete this story?

One of the things I love about new media is that there’s a “delete” button. If you screw up a blog post, you can always go back and fix it — or erase the entire thing.

Maybe it’s my journalism school training, but I’ve never removed a whole post.

Today, I just might.
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Who do you think you are?

I-10 bridge in Mobile, Ala., taken yesterday.
Spend a little time driving America’s Interstate highways, and you’ll get to know all the characters that make their homes on the road.
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Please nominate your favorite travel blogging personality

Who’s your favorite travel blogger?

After voting on the top 12 Twitter personalities of 2012, let’s turn our attention to the people whose long-form writing, photography and videos captivate us.

You know who they are. Here’s your chance to tell the world.
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Insurance doesn’t have “appetite” for consumer protection

Thinking of a career in consumer advocacy?

You might want to think again.
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