“You are standing on an active volcano”

Words you don’t want to hear, unless maybe you’re there to see steam, sulphuric smoke and lava coming out of a mountain. And we were.

Our oldest son, Aren, is fascinated by natural disasters, and Hawaii’s Big Island is, in geological terms, a natural disaster waiting to happen. That has happened, actually. There are steam vents, lava flows, mountains crumbling into the ocean, and the occasional tsunami.
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Bring a big appetite to the Big Island

You’ll need it.

I already mentioned dinner with chef Ōlelo pa‘a Faith Ogawa in a previous post. (Here she is, showing off her Hawaiian Ocean Martini.) Also, our memorable lunch at the Four Seasons, which is the place to be seen on Hawaii.

Turns out the Big Island has a vibrant culinary scene. And it’s something even the kids can appreciate.
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The Big Island goes green, and we get to watch

Renewable energy may be trendy on the U.S. mainland, but on Hawaii’s Big Island, it’s a reality.

And before you ask me — yes, we visited Hawaii, and we toured its green initiatives. I promised you the real Hawaii, didn’t I?
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Hawaii: It’s a big island with lots of layers

This is Pu’ukohola Heiau National Historic Park on Hawaii’s Big Island, where layer upon layer of stones from Pololu Valley were gathered to form an ancient temple for Kamehameha the Great.

It may also be a fitting metaphor for the island.

This part of the Aloha State isn’t just a pretty picture. It’s more like an onion — peel back the layers and it reveals much more of itself than you could have imagined.
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