The 6 best hotels of 2013

The race for favorite hotel chain was a nail-biter right until the end. Marriott edged out InterContinental by just a few votes, with Ritz Carlton coming in a respectable third place.

The “best hotel” category is unusual, because it was open to any hotel chain with a domestic presence, from budget to upscale.
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Please vote now for your favorite hotel

Readers have selected 10 finalists in our “best hotel” category. Now you can cast your vote for the top hotel chain in the United States.
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The top 13 travel bloggers of 2013

Which travel bloggers are worth following in 2013?

After narrowing your nominations down to 26 finalists, I put it to a vote.
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The 6 best airlines of 2013

In the competition for the best airline of 2013, the real fight was for third place.

Southwest Airlines pulled into the lead the moment the finalists were announced on Tuesday morning. JetBlue Airways held a comfortable second place. But third place was a real horserace, with American, United and Frontier Airlines fighting fighting for it until the poll closed.
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And the best new travel blog of 2011 is …

The votes are in for the best new travel blog of the year. And the results are … inconclusive.

None of the sites received a majority of the votes, and despite my best efforts to keep the voting fair, there were allegations of, ahem, irregularities.

I had hoped to conduct a runoff between the top two sites, but that seems impossible. So there will be no top travel blog of 2011. I’m sorry.
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