How do I stay productive when I travel? Here are my secrets

Here are a few of my little secrets to keeping the articles and posts coming at a steady clip, even when I’m away.

Seriously, I didn’t have to ask my kids to do this stuff. They were just being themselves.

How do you stay productive while you’re out of the office? (Besides being focused.)

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Who do you think you are?

I-10 bridge in Mobile, Ala., taken yesterday.
Spend a little time driving America’s Interstate highways, and you’ll get to know all the characters that make their homes on the road.
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Road trip update: What should we do with these cats?

This is Pollux, our Bengal cat. We would take him on our road trip if we could, but it’s just not practical.

Pollux isn’t the only cat who owns us. Two other Bengals, Clio and Lia, belong to our family, and we love them all dearly.

We had made arrangements to leave the feline members of our household with a relative, which would have been ideal, but they fell through last week.

Our road trip could take a whole year, and canceling our plans at this late date would be impossible. We have a sitter for the next few weeks, but beyond that, we don’t know what to do. Maybe you can help?
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Road trip update: What would you drive across the country?

I am not allowed to show you any pictures of our 2007 Honda Accord.

But imagine, if you will, what a high-mileage vehicle that regularly shuttles three high-energy kids between school, music lessons and play dates looks like, and you’ll have a good idea.

If Mater from the Pixar film Cars comes to mind … well, you’re not that far off.

Our car has been loved to death. There are candy wrappers and empty water bottles strewn across the back seat, and I can’t remember the last time it was washed. Right now, it looks like it survived a riot in London. It’s embarrassing. Which is why Kari won’t let me show you the car.
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Road trip update: Bonjour, Québec?

Note: As part of our Away is Home project, I’ll be offering regular updates on our whereabouts and asking for your travel advice. Why? Because you know more about travel than I do.

We’re headed north.

Although our real road trip doesn’t start until October (we’ll have more details on Monday, along with an exciting list of sponsors) we need to test our site and make sure everything is working correctly. And the only way to do that is to take a trip.

So it’s north for us, for a few reasons. First, you can’t really drive much farther to the south here in Florida without hitting water. But also, we have family up there, and I have always want to return to Québec, ever since I attended a conference there back in 2002.
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