Can’t get into my Airbnb apartment — can you help me with a refund?

Mimi Armstrong has a bad experience with an Airbnb rental in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a result, she spends two nights at a Hampton Inn. Will Airbnb reimburse her for her hotel costs? Read more “Can’t get into my Airbnb apartment — can you help me with a refund?”

A ‘deceptive’ Airbnb rental in Paris

Sharon Shaughnessy’s apartment rental in Paris is a wreck. Her host offers her $30, but it’s not enough. Does she deserve a full refund?

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Help! Bed bug-sniffing dogs marked my apartment

Robin Williams
Robin Williams

Dogs sniffing for bed bugs. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry — neither had I, until Roxana Sierra asked us for help with a $660 bill. I’ll let her pick up this story.

I rented an apartment in Clintonville, Ohio, from August 2012 to July 28, 2013. After I moved out, the management sent me a Move Out Statement with a charge of $660 for a “bed bug treatment.”

I was very surprised [to learn about this] treatment, since as far as I know I do not have bed bugs. I checked exhaustively in my bed/furniture and didn’t find a single bed bug (dead or alive), nor any other kind of traces like blood on the sheets or the mattress.

I talked to the manager of the apartment and she said they bring “trained dogs” to sniff for the bed bugs and they reacted “positively.” I asked for a picture of a bed bug or any other physical evidence, but they did not have any.

I have been trying to negotiate with them to prove I do not have bed bugs. I proposed to get a professional for a visual inspection of my current apartment, but they refused; they say it does not make any sense to do it since the dogs already reacted positively.

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Was his vacation rental too good to be true?

Frank Leibsly says his recent apartment rental in London was a disaster of Olympic proportions, and he has the pictures to prove it.
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Murphy’s unfortunate stay in an AirBNB apartment

You know Murphy’s Law — “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”? Well, Eric Schwartzman had one of those experiences when he rented an apartment from AirBNB recently.

Before I get into his story, I should mention that Schwartzman is a fellow journalist who was referred to me by another colleague. I help a lot of journalists off the record, but it rarely gets to this level.

And what level is this? Schwartzman is unhappy with the way AirBNB handled a difficult stay in Paris with his family, and is disappointed by the reaction from the company’s management when he questioned its policies.
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