A ‘deceptive’ Airbnb rental in Paris

Sharon Shaughnessy’s apartment rental in Paris is a wreck. Her host offers her $30, but it’s not enough. Does she deserve a full refund?

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Was his vacation rental too good to be true?

Frank Leibsly says his recent apartment rental in London was a disaster of Olympic proportions, and he has the pictures to prove it.
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Murphy’s unfortunate stay in an AirBNB apartment

You know Murphy’s Law — “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”? Well, Eric Schwartzman had one of those experiences when he rented an apartment from AirBNB recently.

Before I get into his story, I should mention that Schwartzman is a fellow journalist who was referred to me by another colleague. I help a lot of journalists off the record, but it rarely gets to this level.

And what level is this? Schwartzman is unhappy with the way AirBNB handled a difficult stay in Paris with his family, and is disappointed by the reaction from the company’s management when he questioned its policies.
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No hot water in my Paris rental apartment

When the hot water doesn’t work in your hotel room, you call the front desk and with any luck, it gets fixed. But what if you’re in a rental apartment?

That’s the situation faced by Amy Maas when she rented a flat in Paris a few weeks ago through HomeAway.com.
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