“I never forgot how kind this hotel was to us”

Kimberly Palmer/Shutterstock
Kimberly Palmer/Shutterstock

I’m researching an article about hotel cancellation policies for the Washington Post, but one of the stories shared by a reader resonated with me so much that I just had to pass it along. It’s another heartwarming, almost too-good-to-be-true tale of customer service.

Last winter, Lauren Staley and her husband were driving from Colorado back to California, where they live. They’d planned to spend the night at the halfway point, in Elko, Nev. But they never made it.

“A huge snowstorm caught us unaware,” she remembers. “We ended up stopped on the Salt Flats [in Utah] for several hours due to an accident, and by the time we got moving again the sun had gone down and the roads were completely iced over.”
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Should I tattle on my seatmate?

windowOn a recent flight from Chicago to Philadelphia, Melissa Brown sat next to a dilemma: a fellow passenger whose actions could crash the plane, but probably wouldn’t. Should she report him — or just let him thumb his nose at the rules?

The dilemma, as you can probably guess, was a passenger who went all Alec Baldwin on her, refusing to power down his electronic device.

“The captain did all the pre-flight announcements,” remembers Brown, who works for a tour operator in Philadelphia. “Seats up, trays up, electronics off.”
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