I did not pay to hear drunks on the plane!

On her recent American Airlines flight, Patricia Simon was forced to endure the antics of a crowd of drunks on the plane. Now she wants a refund.

I know what American Airlines will say if I bring Simon’s case to it.

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Don’t fly high: 7 reasons to lose the booze

Don’t drink and fly.

Words to live by, not just if you’re a pilot, but if you’re a passenger.

Sandra Langer explains why: On a recent trip from Amsterdam to New York, she watched a good number of her fellow passengers get hammered. “Red-faced men blocked the aisles, puked in the bathroom and groped the females — along with a laughing crew,” says Langer, a writer who lives in New York.

That’s right, some crewmembers were also inebriated. The trip made a lasting impression on Langer. “Never again will I take a connecting flight through Amsterdam,” she says.

Stories like hers make you wonder if it’s time to limit, or even stop serving alcohol on flights.
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