Why has my luggage gone missing on Airberlin?

If you’re planning to fly Airberlin any time soon, consider traveling without luggage or shipping it ahead to your final destination.

Our advocates and our forum members have been seeing a big uptick in cases involving missing and delayed luggage on Airberlin. We’re wondering: Why is Airberlin having so much trouble transporting luggage with its owners? Read more “Why has my luggage gone missing on Airberlin?”

Airberlin changed my flight and added a 19-hour layover

Stella Clark is traveling through Europe when she receives an alert of a schedule change to her upcoming Airberlin flight — one that turns a four-hour jaunt into a 29-hour overnight journey. Why won’t the airline allow her to cancel this unpleasant itinerary? Read more “Airberlin changed my flight and added a 19-hour layover”

How does Airberlin’s insolvency affect passengers?

When Robert Wilija’s flight was delayed, he was promised 2,400 euros ($2,827) and reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses as compensation. Unfortunately, that’s compensation he’s unlikely ever to see — and our advocates can’t help him obtain it. Read more “How does Airberlin’s insolvency affect passengers?”

I have sentimental items in my lost bag. Can you help me reach Airberlin?

After Ellen Van den Broeck’s flight on Airberlin is delayed, she’s bumped to a later flight, which is also delayed. When she finally lands in Berlin, her luggage doesn’t land with her. Now what? Read more “I have sentimental items in my lost bag. Can you help me reach Airberlin?”

Is Airberlin ignoring this traveler’s request?

When Wesam Azaizeh arrives safely home, he realizes that his luggage didn’t make it. And when he seeks compensation from Airberlin, he gets multiple acknowledgments, but his claim is never paid or denied. Now what? Read more “Is Airberlin ignoring this traveler’s request?”