Can Invitation Homes charge him $3,600 for breaking the lease?

Invitation Homes wants Kevin Shaw to pay $3,600 for breaking the lease on his apartment, even though it told him he could do it. Now, a year and a half later, it’s sending his case to a collection agency. Can this late bill be fixed? Read more “Can Invitation Homes charge him $3,600 for breaking the lease?”

Is DirecTV guilty of “false advertising”?

andrea crisante/Shutterstock
Question: We recently ordered DirectTV service based on information received from the company’s sales team that turned out to be wrong. We think DirecTV is guilty of false advertising.

A representative told us our reception would be good, if not better, than Comcast Cable. This is not true. We had Comcast before we got DirectTV, so we know this for sure. We have a high-end television for which we paid $5,000. Our picture quality was greatly reduced with DirectTV.

I was also told we would have all the same HD channels I had with cable. Not true. We couldn’t get certain channels, including WCCO.
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