The surprise $70 “application” fee wasn’t so visionary

When Otis Millbrook Jr. applies for a new, low-income home in California, his application is turned down. But not before the company extracts a $70 “application” fee. Is that right? Read more “The surprise $70 “application” fee wasn’t so visionary”

5 most affordable cities in America

winston salemWant to vacation somewhere inexpensive? Try Winston-Salem, N.C., which is the most affordable major American city, according to Mercer’s latest city ranking.

What makes the Twin City so cheap? Just about everything, according to the survey. Rent for a luxury two bedroom unfurnished apartment averages just $900 a month. A bus fare costs $1, and a burger will set you back by only $4.59. Mercer uses these prices to calculate the average cost of living.

Which other cities made the “most affordable” list?
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