Thanks for another awesome year!

It’s been another year — another awesome year — and we can’t believe it’s already over.

Here’s what happened to us in 2011:
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And the best new travel blog of 2011 is …

The votes are in for the best new travel blog of the year. And the results are … inconclusive.

None of the sites received a majority of the votes, and despite my best efforts to keep the voting fair, there were allegations of, ahem, irregularities.

I had hoped to conduct a runoff between the top two sites, but that seems impossible. So there will be no top travel blog of 2011. I’m sorry.
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11 travel blogs you should bookmark in 2011

Which 11 travel blogs should you bookmark next year?

To answer that question, I consulted my feed reader to find out which travel sites I visit most frequently. It’s a methodology I used for last year’s list, too.

Update: Here’s a list of 12 travel bloggers worth following in 2012 and 12 travel Twitter personalities you should follow in 2012.

(Related: Here are the best new travel blogs of 2011. I’ve also just launched a new travel blog of my own called Away is Home that’s worth checking out.)

This list shouldn’t be confused with my definitive list of travel blogs I like, although I happen to like all of these blogs. (That list is on the left side of this page — see “Friends”.) Nor should it be mistaken for your favorites.

By the way, if you’re not signed up for my RSS feed, you can do that right here.

Here we go:
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Travelers say they’ll skip the airport and hit the road in 2011

How are you traveling in 2011?

In some ways, like you did this year. And in some ways not, according to a new survey.

Asked what mode of transportation they planned to use in 2011, most respondents indicated they would stay the course by cruising, driving, flying and using mass transport roughly the same as they did in 2010.

However, a significant number of travelers said they intended to fly less and drive more.

The poll of about 500 travelers, conducted last weekend by the Consumer Travel Alliance, suggests next year could be a busy one for motorists, while demand for air travel could weaken slightly.
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Best travel blogs, worst car rental companies, fees gone wild: The top 10 posts of 2010

If there’s a trend in the top blog posts of 2010, it is this: You like to be shocked.

Nothing brought in readers quite like stories about unconstitutional TSA patdowns, flight attendants flipping out and fees gone wild.

Oh, and you like reading about yourself, too.

This year’s top post, 10 travel blogs you should bookmark in 2010, is an example.

My methodology for pulling together a list of the top 10 travel blogs (I consulted my RSS reader) wasn’t going to win me any journalism prizes, but so what? They don’t give away prizes for the kind of journalism I do, anyway.

But since I was short-listed for the Pulitzer earlier this year, I tried compiling a list with a better methodology: a reader poll. It didn’t seem to carry as much weight and ended up ticking off a lot of my travel blogging friends, who felt snubbed when they didn’t win.

Sorry, guys. I’ll go back to my RSS reader for the 2011 list, which should be out any day now. And if it’s any consolation, I don’t win any popularity contests, either. Who would vote for a consumer advocacy blog?

Here are the other nine stories:
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