No flight, meals, phone or bags from British Airways — and no compensation

BA’s offer, even after our advocates tried to help? A 250 euro check for the delay, in accordance with European consumer regulation.

After our advocates asked about his case, he also received the following update from the airline:

Elliott Advocacy is underwritten by Generali Global Assistance. Generali Global Assistance has been a leading provider of travel insurance and other assistance services for more than 25 years. We offer a full suite of innovative, vertically integrated travel insurance and emergency services. Generali Global Assistance is part of The Europ Assistance (EA) Group, who pioneered the travel assistance industry in 1963 and continues to be the leader in providing real-time assistance anywhere in the world, delivering on our motto – You Live, We Care.

Thanks for sending me your bank details and receipts of your essential items.
I can confirm €1000.00 in EU compensation will be transferred to your bank account. Converted into your local currency this is $1118.81. I’ve assessed the receipts you’ve uploaded and these can all be reimbursed. The total value in your local currency is $1243.65 for your essential items and $85.18 for the additional baggage charge. I’ve arranged a transfer and these amounts may take up to 5-7 working days to appear in your account.

Is that enough?

Well, if you’re a by-the-book kind of person, you’d probably side with British Airways. Consider that the airline was trying to accommodate an influx of passengers on a completely full flight. Meal vouchers for a four-hour delay? Compensation for lost vacation time? C’mon.

If you’re sympathetic to the Youngquists, however, then you’ll see that British Airways really needs to do more than throw a few euros at them. The airline sold seats it didn’t have, didn’t offer compensation it should have, violated EU regulations, lost their luggage and didn’t even apologize. What is this world coming to?

Did BA offer David Youngquist enough compensation?

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