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This is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, and I’m right here in case you need me. But I’m only sending one newsletter, because let’s face it, do you really want anything to interfere with your shopping on Black Friday?

Let’s get right to it! The finalists for my 2012 list of Twitter travel personalities are out. Please vote for your favorite tweeter. We are in Kissimmee, Fla., this week as part of our family travel blog Away is Home. Here’s our itinerary.

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Passenger forced to stand for a seven-hour airline flight
At nearly seven hours, US Airways flight 901 is one of the longest domestic nonstop flights. And Arthur Berkowitz knows how long it takes to get from Anchorage to Philadelphia down to the minute. That’s because he says he had to stand for most of the flight when he returned to Philly last July.

Rental car damaged after being cut off by a resort van
When Chuck Berg tried to maneuver his way back to the Le Méridien in Phuket, Thailand, on a recent visit, he ran into a little problem: a rock on the side of the road, which dented the side of his rental car.

TSA Watch: That was some birthday party — got anything for this hangover?
Now that’s what I call a birthday party. The TSA’s publicity machine spent the last several days in self-congratulation mode, describing all of the wonderful things that have happened — and I guess more to the point, not happened — since its creation 10 years ago.

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Hartford tarmac stranding doesn’t justify new laws
The Halloween weekend stranding of more than 1,000 airline passengers at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Conn., brought the tarmac delay activists out in full force again, pushing for new laws that they claim would prevent lengthy ground delays.

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