Elliott by the numbers

Elliott’s reach can be measured in several ways.

• As a consumer advocate and journalist, his writings are read by about one million viewers a week.

• He’s a social media influencer, with nearly 4,000 Facebook friends, 20,000 Twitter followers (listed more than 1,000 times) and a variety of active networks.

• His site, Elliott.org, is one of the most popular travel blogs.

Elliott.org specializes in travel and consumer advocacy. Its readers are affluent, well-traveled and located primarily on the East Coast of the United States.


Here are the Google Analytics stats from 2010:

• 2,234,268 visits

• 4,984,033 pageviews

• 2.28 pages/visit

• 63 percent bounce rate

• 02:37 average time on site

(Note: These are actual analytics numbers, not the guesstimates you’ll get from the likes of Alexa, Compete.com or Technorati.)


RSS subscribers: 11,905 (daily)

Newsletter subscribers: 34,400 (twice weekly)

Elliott forum: 14,355 (weekly)

Total weekly reach by email: 166,490

Who’s reading Elliott?

A majority of readers take six trips a year, on average.

They’re mostly leisure travelers.

Average age: 45 to 54.

Slightly more women than men read the site.

Household income: $100,000+.

Most of them live on the East Coast.

They visit the site frequently.

They find their way to the site via the web, mostly.

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