What if your agent cancels your cruise by mistake — and then quits?

What happens if your travel agent cancels your cruise by mistake and then quits his job? Unfortunately, Margaret Prendergast knows very well — you can quickly lose thousands of your hard-earned dollars.

Prendergast has been patiently waiting since March for Norwegian Cruise Line to process a refund for a cruise it canceled. But because her agent erroneously canceled her cruise several days before the cruise line, it’s a refund NCL will never send.

Now she’s asking the Elliott Advocacy team if we can somehow retrieve her lost $5,587. Can we do it?  

What happens when your travel agent never paid for your cruise

What if you flew across the Atlantic Ocean for a much anticipated cruise only to find out that your travel agent never paid for it?

That’s exactly what happened to Peggy Wimberly. She got an awful surprise when she showed up in Barcelona for her Mediterranean cruise aboard MSC’s Meraviglia. Although Wimberly had made full payment for the trip months before, her travel agent never paid for the cruise. As a result of the nonpayment, MSC canceled the reservation weeks before the sailing. And although MSC eventually allowed Wimberly to board the ship, it cost her an unexpected additional $1,633 — and the loss of her preferred cabin.

Can the Elliott Advocacy team figure out what went wrong here? 

The cruise left without them! This is what happened next

Many months before the coronavirus brought the cruise industry to halt, Marcelino and Julieta Bautista found themselves in a terrible predicament. The couple redeemed a free “Casinos at Sea” award for a cruise through the Alaskan glaciers. But they pressed their bets too far when they flew into Anchorage on the same day as embarkation. And although their flight arrived as scheduled, something went terribly wrong and the ship left without them.

As a result, that freebie cruise turned out to be no bargain at all. The couple was forced to pay thousands of dollars to catch up with NCL’s Jewel. Bautista says that the cruise line made the mistake that caused the ship to leave without them.

Now he wants reimbursement for all their extra expenses and wants Elliott Advocacy to help get it. Can we do it? (Reprint)

Why did the cruise leave without me? I only needed a blood transfusion!

If you suffer a sudden medical emergency during a cruise and get offloaded in a foreign country, can the ship leave without you?  Much to his dismay, Andrew Goldstein found out that the answer is ‘yes.’

During his last cruise aboard NCL’s Breakaway, the ship’s medical team informed him that he required an immediate blood transfusion. Unable to provide such a service on the boat, the cruise line sent him into St. Kitts to seek treatment. But when Goldstein tried to reboard the boat hours later,  NCL denied him boarding, and the ship sailed away without him. Now he wants a refund for his missed cruise and reimbursement for his additional travel and medical expenses. But is this a reasonable request?  (Reprint)

You should not cruise with just a passport card. This is why

It’s never a great idea to cruise with just a passport card. If you’ve ever thought about doing it, you’ll want to read this cautionary tale.

Daniel Sellers’ cruise fiasco is an unfortunate example of what can go wrong if you decide to cruise with just a passport card. Things may go just fine. But you should consider what will happen if you miss the boat and need to take a flight to catch up with it. Because although you can cruise with just a passport card, you can’t fly anywhere internationally with one. (Reprint)

You should not buy jewelry during your cruise! This is why

Should you buy jewelry on a cruise? Well, if you’re Charles Onufer, the answer is no. But he came home from his last Regent cruise with over $9,500 of unwanted gems from Diamonds International. He says that during a port stop in Mexico, salespeople intimidated him into buying all of that unwanted jewelry. The jeweler says no such hard-sell occurred and that this is a simple case of buyer’s remorse. Is there a way to fix this problem?  

Hate your shore excursion? This is how a credit card dispute will make things worse

If you hate your next shore excursion and the cruise line refuses your refund request, don’t expect a credit card dispute to save the day. It won’t. Joseph Campo can tell you.

After a salmon-fishing excursion in Alaska went all wrong, Campo asked Princess Cruises for his money back. When that didn’t happen, he filed a chargeback with his credit card company — and won. So he assumed that settled the matter.

It didn’t. Not even close. (reprint)

This is what happens when you’re convinced to buy an expensive diamond during your cruise

Have you ever felt convinced or even forced to buy a diamond or any other expensive item during a cruise stop?  Kathy Hoffarth says it happened to her.

While cruising through the Caribbean with Royal Caribbean she purchased a $16,000 diamond at Diamonds International at one port. Unhappy with that purchase, at the next stop, she exchanged it for a larger, more expensive one. Now that she’s home she doesn’t want that bigger diamond either.

She says the employees at Diamonds International made her buy this diamond and she just wants to send it back. And she wants a full refund. But is that possible? 

This coronavirus cruise cancellation was a big $8,697 mistake!

Since the coronavirus started sinking the cruise industry, we’ve seen travelers make some pretty expensive cancellation mistakes. But Joan Kellert’s story is one of the worst. She lost nearly $9,000 when her travel agent canceled her upcoming cruise before any coronavirus cancellation waiver existed.

Now she wants her money back. But is that even a remote possibility? 

I got the worst view on the cruise! I want a refund

Sevil Macmot found the view from her guaranteed oceanview cabin aboard Costa Cruises’ Mediterranea stunningly terrible. She says her dream vacation was ruined when the cruise line assigned her to the cabin with the worst view. Instead of Norwegian fjords and the deep blue sea, she saw hanging lifeboats and technical equipment out her window.

Now Macmot wants to know who selected her for this disappointing cabin with the terrible view — and why.

Oh, and she wants a refund, too. But is that a reasonable request?