AMC Theatres Customer Service Contacts

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AMC Theatres is an American movie theater chain founded in 1920. It is owned and operated by Dalian Wanda Group and includes luxury theaters, Hometown theaters and movies with a menu.

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What you need to know about AMC Theatres

The company responds to most customer complaints in a satisfactory manner.

How to resolve a problem with AMC Theatres

This guide on how to solve a customer service problem will help you resolve most problems with the company. You can also refer to the executive contacts below or contact our advocacy team directly.


11500 Ash Street
Leawood, KS 66211

Phone Contacts

Main: (913) 213-2000
Customer Service: (877) 262-4450
Toll Free: (877) 262-4450

AMC Stubs: (888) 562-4262

Online Ticketing: (888)440-4262

Guest Services: ( 877)262-4450

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Executive Contacts

As we always advise you should raise issues through the chat and email options in the first instance. Only if matters are then not resolved to your satisfaction should you use the executive contacts.

Do not write to all contacts at once and do not start by writing to the CEO. This could severely limit your ability to resolve your issue.

Primary Contact
Alice Rogers
Vice President, Operations Excellence
11500 Ash Street
Leawood, KS 66211
[email protected]

Secondary Contact
John D. Mcdonald
Executive Vice President US Operations
11500 Ash Street
Leawood, KS 66211
[email protected]

Chief Executive
Adam M. Aron
CEO​ ​& President
11500 Ash Street
Leawood, KS 66211
[email protected]