Here is the most ridiculous hotel theft charge I’ve ever seen (Thanks, Choice)

Now it’s time to reveal the most ridiculous hotel theft charge ever: pillow thievery at a two-star hotel.

During a recent stay at a Quality Inn, it never crossed Tim Kendall’s mind to steal the luxurious pillows in his room. But that didn’t stop the manager of this Choice Hotels franchised property from branding the elderly man as a pillow thief. And you won’t believe the outrageous value that this guy placed on two standard pillows.

Here it is: The worst airline seat ever! (Thanks, Aer Lingus)

Have you ever wondered what the worst airline seat in the history of modern-day commercial flight looks like? Well, wonder no more! Aer Lingus recently assigned Matt Madrigal to the worst airline seat — ever.

What happened to his lost luggage? Blue Ribbon Bags knows

Blue Ribbon Bags, a lost luggage tracking service, offers a $1,000 guarantee. If the company fails to find your lost luggage within 96 hours, you get the cash. That deal sounded pretty sweet to Vamsi Kosaraju, especially when his mother-in-law lost her bag on a recent flight.

Here it is: The most ridiculous hotel damage fee — ever!

A Hampton Inn recently hit Doris Weller with the most ridiculous hotel damage fee I’ve seen to date. According to Weller, when she checked out, she left her room in tip-top shape. But the hotel’s management strongly disagreed.

It charged her a $250 deep-cleaning fee for room damage of an embarrassing nature. And now Weller wants the Elliott Advocacy team to clear her name and get her money back. Can we?

Blacklisted by Batteries Plus! What happened to her shattered iPhone?

Monique Chevalier shattered the screen on her iPhone 7, and she wanted it fixed — cheap and fast. So she went down to her local Batteries Plus franchise and handed over the severely damaged device. The technicians there promised to repair the screen for $139 in just one hour. So how did this transaction end up with Chevalier being blacklisted by Batteries Plus?

Her daughter just doesn’t have time for our advocacy team

Editor’s Note: We help a lot of travelers with a lot of different problems — everything from cell phone bills to computer troubles, and from filthy rentals to canceled flights. But our advocacy team has limits on the cases we’ll take. Here’s one.

She missed a Spirit connection daydreaming at the gate…

Flying home from her tropical vacation in Mexico, Alla Machavariane mysteriously missed a Spirit connection in Chicago. She has no explanation for it.

She says that she and her husband were sitting patiently at the gate for five hours before the flight. But somehow they never saw all the other passengers board and take off without them. And now she wants Spirit Airlines to pay $2,000 for the new flights they purchased to get home.

Read this before you file a chargeback on a delayed flight

When Milton Dortch and his wife planned their trip from Atlanta to New York in December 2015, Dortch booked their flights on Delta Air Lines, using his American Express SkyMiles credit card. On their day of travel a series of violent thunderstorms caused delays in the southeastern U.S., and Dortch arrived at his destination 10 hours late.

A Regent Cruises last-minute invite just set her off

Katherine Yasgar forgot to buy travel insurance when she booked her recent Regent Seven Seas luxury cruise. And then her husband developed a medical problem that forced the couple to cancel the cruise. So why did Regent Cruises remember to send her a last-minute invitation on the day of departure?

I was detained in Abu Dhabi. Shouldn’t American pay my expenses?

On her way back from Sri Lanka, Caroline Martorano was detained in Abu Dhabi. She says she was detained for not being appropriately dressed, causing her to miss her connecting flight. But she places the blame for this detainment on American Airlines. Huh?

She just wanted to enjoy her champagne in Canada

If you’re traveling to Canada, leave your alcohol on the plane. Don’t try to take it with you — at least, not if you’re flying Delta Air Lines. Otherwise, like Margaret Stephen, you may regret the experience — because those little alcohol bottles aren’t for carry-out.

Will his Emirates nightmare end in a big cash award?

A disorderly passenger fell on top of Omer Abdullah during his recent flight to Pakistan. Although he didn’t see a doctor for any of his injuries, he now wants $25,000 for his Emirates nightmare experience.

And he wants our advocacy team to help him get it.

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