Forum advocates and Expedia executive contacts solve a refund problem

If Katrina May’s Expedia case confuses you, that makes two of us.
She contacted me recently because she’d been waiting for a refund from Expedia — a seemingly routine case until I reviewed the details. Her problem is a reminder of the power of our collaborative help forum and the importance of knowing the right person to contact. That would be our incredible list of executive contacts.

Want a Spirit Airlines voucher extension? Just use our executive contacts

Annette Campos and her fiancé received an unwanted Christmas present from Spirit Airlines in exchange for their airline seats. Spirit gave them six vouchers for future flights, which they couldn’t use. Campos used our Spirit executive contacts to write a letter to the airline to ask for an extension of the voucher deadlines, which the airline agreed to.

DirecTV On Demand down? You’ve got a friend

Recently, a former work colleague, Amy Johnson, was lamenting on her Facebook page about how her DirecTV On Demand had been down for a couple days.

She posted that she had contacted DirecTV customer service by phone (AT&T purchased DirecTV several years ago), and that the representative told her the company was aware of the problem but did not have an expected date of resolution.

Buddy needed emergency surgery and our company contacts came to the rescue

Joy Silva’s Alaska Airlines case wouldn’t have gone far even under the best of circumstances.

You might even say it would have gone to the dogs.

Her dog, to be exact.

Her story, which involved Alaska Airlines, her pet, unexpected surgery and a few insider tricks, offers lessons for the rest of us. Sometimes, even frivolous-sounding cases have some merit. Hers certainly did, much to my surprise — and probably yours, too.

No, StubHub. I didn’t mean to spend $390 on theater tickets!

It was a simple request. My wife asked me to pick up tickets to “Annie” at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia if the “price was right.” So, during a free moment at work, I pulled out my smartphone and opened the StubHub app, where I usually can find a decent price for tickets being sold on the secondary market (from someone who was reselling tickets they already had purchased), and I browsed around the theatre.

My hotel closed for renovation, but nobody told me

Marie Kvistero was expecting some construction work to be taking place when she arrived at the Country Inns & Suites in Omaha, Neb. But she wasn’t expecting what she found when she arrived — the renovations had completely closed the hotel. She had to find a new hotel room at the last minute, in a crowded city with multiple occurring events.

I didn’t like United’s first compensation offer, so I countered it — twice

If at first you don’t succeed, try. And try again, just like Gail Morin.

Here’s what happened when Morin’s 9:15 a.m. flight from Paris to San Francisco was delayed several times because of mechanical problems — first, a glitch with a generator, then a misbehaving heating and cooling system. All told, Morin was delayed four hours.

Pimsleur’s customer service speaks my language

This fall, my wife and I will be spending a week in Hungary, so a few months ago I went online and ordered the Pimsleur level 1 Hungarian course. Learning a new language can be fun; it keeps the brain engaged. And it’s also really useful before heading to a foreign country. I began working through the 30 half-hour lessons a couple of weeks ago.

My U-Haul rental ran into a hitch. Here’s how I fixed it.

My experience with U-Haul customer service was a train wreck from start to finish. I wasted hours on hold, listening to how my call was “very important” to them, had to run back and forth between D.C. and Virginia a couple of extra times, incurred some unnecessary extra expenses, and endured a whole lot of aggravation. Can I get a little compensation?

My girlfriend’s phone is not repairable — so why should she continue to pay for it?

Kristen Chew’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was a dud. It kept freezing up, overheating, crashing and rebooting when she tried to use it. On the few occasions she was able to use the phone, its response time was too slow. And, although the phone was still under warranty, she could not get it repaired successfully.

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