Florida Blue ignored my claim — could you get them to answer me?


Answer: Florida Blue should have processed your claim and either cut you a check or denied the claim. (Disclosure: I’m a Florida Blue customer, and I empathize. And how!)

Your odyssey is not an isolated case. A quick search online reveals many complaints similar to yours and a low rating for the insurance company. I’d like to think these are isolated cases, but you can read the reviews and make up your own mind.

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If you’re still undecided, just read to the end of this post.

A look at Florida Blue’s mission statement reminds me why our site doesn’t have a formal mission statement. I mean, how can an organization that claims to value respect, integrity, courage and — I’m not making this up — excellence, do what it did to you? Answer: It can’t.

The company offers a few generic contact numbers. You could also send an email directly to the CEO, Patrick Geraghty. You can find him at [email protected].

Our advocacy team reached out to Florida Blue on your behalf. The company contacted you and resolved the issue, though not in your favor. “They gave me another runaround and cited deficiencies within their organization they are going to address,” you reported.

So this is a good news/bad news kind of resolution. Florida Blue finally answered you, but it won’t honor the $180 claim against it.

Sigh. Health insurance!