Can sponsors buy positive coverage on this site?

We’re sometimes asked if corporate sponsors can buy positive coverage on this site. The answer is no — absolutely not.

What is

We’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to empower people to solve their problems and to help those who can’t.

We practice public interest journalism every day in our blog posts and by publishing the names, numbers and email addresses of corporate executives.

Allowing a company to buy positive coverage or to influence our content in any way would run contrary to our goals. And we would never permit it.

Who pays the bills on

Our single largest donor is you, our reader. We answer to our readers and we would not exist without them.

Simply put, we’re on your side. That’s where we’ll always be.

What do corporate sponsors get? corporate sponsors receive two things:

✓ A small blurb on the right sidebar of this site, indicating that they support this site and mission.

✓ A short paragraph in our daily newsletter.

✓ The non-exclusive right to republish some of the stories that appear on this site.

We’re very grateful to the companies that support this site. They are important partners, but there are strict boundaries to which they agree with they become underwriters. The closest analogy to this relationship would be the Gates Foundation partnership with National Public Radio.

Can a sponsor influence editorial policy?

No. In the past, sponsors who did not fully understand our mission and structure have asked us to remove names from our corporate contact database, to soften stories that mention them, to write about them in a more positive light, or to remove them from stories. We have always turned them, and their money, down — and we will continue to do so.

What about stories written by your contributors that appear elsewhere?

We work with a group of talented volunteers who contribute to this site as writers. None of our agreements with our sponsors allows companies to influence coverage anywhere else. In other words, you can’t support this site with the expectation that we’ll write positive stories about you anywhere.