What do Minor Trips, Scottevest and the Seattle TourSaver have in common?

highway2It’s not a trick question. You can win valuable premiums from these three companies for supporting this site and newsletter. Right now.

Alright, maybe I’m not as clever as Ira Glass with my fundraisers, or as convincing as the talking heads on PBS. But the fact remains that this site exists because of you, the traveler.

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The fact also remains that there’s really nothing like this site out there. There are lots of terrific news organizations that rely on advertising, and many excellent travel blogs that are run by hobbyists. But I don’t know of another site that advocates for travelers every day.

This is my final pitch to you to become a supporter this year. I’m giving away five of each of these products:

• A gift subscription to Minor Trips, the guide and newsletter for travelers and sports fans that helps them find minor league baseball action at home and while vacationing. This is the perfect gift for those of you planning your Spring Training trip to Arizona or Florida.

• A $25 gift certificate for Scottevest, which offers a line of jackets, vests and wearable luggage for travelers. I’ve been wearing Scott’s cool inventions on my trips for years, and highly recommend them.

• And last, but definitely not least, we have the Seattle TourSaver. The 2010 edition is hot off the press, and it features flightseeing, adventure travel, whale watching, harbor and lake cruises, kayak tours, whitewater rafting, wine tasting, food tours, historic sites, museums, attractions and hotels. Every offer in the TourSaver is 2-for-1. (You don’t want to visit Seattle without this book!)

So what do these three companies have in common? They think the work of this site is important enough to support, because they’re donating their product to this fundraiser.

Please do your part. If you’ve ever read something on this site that you’ve found helpful, or if you’ve ever been given a helping hand by yours truly, then this is the time — I need you.

I’m wrapping up this fundraiser in the next few days, and I hope you’ll consider a donation at any underwriter level. If you’re representing a company, I also have limited opportunities for corporate underwriters.

Thank you.

(Photo: kla4067/Flickr Creative Commons)

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