Weekend survey: How will you travel in 2011?

Don’t you just love reading surveys that tell you how you’re going to travel? Do you ever wonder how those so-called industry “experts” find out how three percent more people are getting to their destination by rickshaw on National Bird Day (a popular holiday, that one).

Me too.

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So this weekend, as we look forward to 2011, I thought I’d ask: How do you plan to travel next year?

This survey is being conducted with help from the Consumer Travel Alliance. But we need more than your answers; we need you to tell us why you’ve decided to travel more, or less, in ’11.

If you decided to fly more — or less — then why? If you’re staying off the road and switching to mass transit, please explain your reasons.

Also, what one event or story in 2010 shaped your decision on how to travel next year?

Please send me an email and don’t forget to include your full name, city and occupation. Your responses may appear in a future story.

Here’s a link to the survey.

Here are the real-time results.

Have a great holiday, everyone!

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