Weekend survey: How do you like to buy your airline tickets online?

How do you like to book your airline tickets online?

Some airlines have suggested you’d like it their way, which is to offer you the options they want you to see. And some would also prefer that you didn’t have a chance to compare their fares to other carriers.

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What do you think?

Here’s the survey.

Here are the real-time results.

This survey is being conducted by this site in cooperation with the Consumer Travel Alliance. Do you have any thoughts on the current spat between airlines and online travel agencies over how tickets are sold?

How do you think it will affect your next trip? Do you even care?

Please send your comments to me directly, and as always, don’t forget to include your full name, city and occupation.

Note: The questions in this survey were changed shortly after it was posted to clarify that this was only about online ticket purchases, not bookings made through a travel agent. Also, the follow-up questions were amended to be more neutral.

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