Weekend survey: Have you ever lied to get a hotel discount?

Ever told a little white lie to get a few bucks off a hotel room?

Earlier this week, I brought you a stunning confession from a hotel reservationist, admitting that she lied to customers about the best rate. But do hotel guests do the same thing?

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If you’ve ever bent a fact or two about your circumstances, claiming you were a government employee or a AAA member or were on your honeymoon, you can anonymously confess your sins in this week’s survey.

Here’s a link to the survey.

Here are the results.

And a quick follow-up question. Why did you feel you could fudge the facts? (After all, if hotels do it, why can’t we?) Did you ever come clean with the hotel?

Please send me your comments.

This survey is being conducted in cooperation with Consumer Traveler and the Consumer Travel Alliance.

2 thoughts on “Weekend survey: Have you ever lied to get a hotel discount?

  1. As a hotel manager I can tell you one thing lying about the number of people in your room is one bad a– idea. If any kind of tragedy happens we are required to have proper people count and when you come to the responders and say I can’t find Susie or Johnny we get asked by the responders why we don’t have them in our records answer YOU THE GUEST DECIDED WE DIDN’T NEED TO KNOW YOU HAD ANY LITTLE ONES responders now must risk their lives to go back and look for your little one that YOU thought was to little to tell us about. Accurate guest count is important in case of emergency!
    As for using a discount you are not entitled to such as government rate you are not only cheating the hotel you are cheating me as I help pay your salary!

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