“The pictures clearly show ashes. We will not be able to remove the charge.”

Two weeks after Mary Garrow rented a car from Budget Rent a Car in Tulsa, she got an unpleasant surprise: A $250 cleaning charge for her vehicle. Budget claimed someone had been smoking in the car.

Garrow doesn’t smoke. She’d been in Tulsa for a funeral, which explains the presence of the ashes on the seat, and she believes the charges are unfair.

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Budget sent her photos of the car (see above) but Garrow isn’t buying it. I’d like your opinion on this case, because frankly, I don’t know what to think.

Garrow rented the car on Oct. 10, and the new charge showed up on her credit card Oct. 28. A few days later, Budget notified her of the cleaning charge.

I called Budget and told them there must be some mistake – we don’t smoke. As a matter of fact, I have Advair and Albuteral inhalers for Asthma.

They said they had pictures of ashes on the back seat, which they emailed to me.

The photos look fairly convincing. They show a white, ash-like substance on the back seats.

But what is it?

On our way to the funeral, we picked up a mum plant and placed it on the back seat on a plastic bag. The plant tipped a little, spilling a little of the dry potting mixture on the seat.

I brushed most of it out of the car, possibly there were a few small crumbs which could possibly look like ash. Other than that, the car was returned just as we had received it.

I explained that to the Budget agent with no success. She said there was a report of a smoke smell by the cleaning crew.

I find this incredibly frustrating. If there is a problem with a rental car return, shouldn’t it be noted at the time that the customer is there to defend himself? That a company can just decide to impose a fine and put it on our credit card — before we even know about it — is just amazing to me.

Garrow asked Budget to reconsider, but received a terse response by email:

The initial observation for the review was the smoke smell. The pictures clearly show ashes. We will not be able to remove the charge.

Should I follow up with Budget and ask it to reconsider? I believe Garrow when she says she doesn’t smoke, and I also think the white substance could be potash, but at the same time, the car would have needed to get cleaned after she used it. Still, a $250 fee seems a little excessive.

What do you think?

A survey of more than 500 readers this morning says I should mediate the case. Let me see what I can do.

Update: Turns out Budget is able to remove the charges after all. I contacted the company, and a short while later was told the case had been resolved. Garrow tells me she’s “off the hook” for the charges.

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  1. Hmmmm can you call the public library for me? lol jk but really I’m glad someone is standing up for consumers who get taken adavanage of.

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