The government admits it really wants to see your genitals at the airport

And we thought things couldn’t get any stranger.

Earlier this week, I suggested it might be the end of the world for travelers, thanks to a preponderance of odd events. I was kidding, of course.

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But I should have written that post yesterday when the TSA out-bizarred all of us by publishing a post delicately titled, A Friendly Suggestion on Products Designed to Conceal Sensitive Areas, on its blog.

I’m not kidding this time. Read it for yourself.

In the post, the TSA’s infamous Blogger Bob says the TSA knows about those special undergarments that hide your “junk” when you go through a full-body scanner, and it is not amused.

He writes,

If there is something shielding an area and we don’t know what’s under it, we have to conduct a pat-down.

So basically, passengers should be aware that the use of these types of products will likely result in a pat-down.

Some might think this is TSA’s way of getting back at clever passengers. That’s not the case at all. It’s just security.

Just security, huh?

What the TSA seems to be saying is that 1) the scanners can capture a sharp image of your private parts, contradicting previous claims that the scans produce blurry results, and 2) that indeed, it requires a good shot of the family jewels before you can be cleared to fly. Alternatively, it needs to feel them.

I’m not sure I like where this is going.

(Photo: Ennui poet/Flickr Creative Commons)