Thanksgiving on Treasure Island


Thanksgiving evokes memories of cold weather and warm Turkey dinner, but here in Florida it’s a great time to go to the beach.

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We spent the weekend before Turkey Day at Sunset Vista Beachfront Suites in Treasure Island, just north of St. Pete Beach. (My daughter Erysse shows me some of the sugary-white sand, with the hotel in the background.)

The sky behind her isn’t blue; it’s black. A cold-weather front was moving in from the north (well, cold in the sense that it would be 70 degrees instead of in the high 80s). With the possible exception of Thanksgiving week, this is an excellent time to visit the Sunshine State. As a matter of fact, the week after Thanksgiving is an unofficial “dead” week, where rates are at at or near their yearly low, and there are few other visitors.

We had an excellent time in Treasure Island, but wish we could have stayed longer. Erysse didn’t get to build her sand castle.