Today is the day to win those Southwest Airlines tickets!

Southwest Airlines ticket giveaway

Today is the day.

Today is your best opportunity to support your favorite nonprofit organization — and to win those Southwest Airlines tickets.

Elliott Advocacy is underwritten by Chubb. Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company, and recognized as the premier provider of insurance for successful individuals and families in the U.S. and selected international markets, offering coverage for high-value automobile, homeowners, recreational marine/aviation, valuables and umbrella liability coverage. As an underwriting company, Chubb assesses, assumes and manages risk with insight and discipline, and combines the precision of craftsmanship with decades of experience to conceive, craft and deliver the best insurance coverage and services to individuals, families and business of all size.

Wait, did I just say Southwest Airlines tickets? Yep, sure did.

I’m giving away free tickets to random underwriters. How do you win them? It’s easy: If your name is on this list, then you qualify.

Don’t wait too long — our fall fundraiser is almost over.

Why should you support this site?

Every day, my advocates and I help hundreds of consumers in the forums, through direct advocacy, and by posting original stories like the ones you read here.

Publishing an ad-free consumer advocacy site is expensive and time-consuming. Many have tried but only a few have succeeded. That’s because such a site involves risk without reward. We receive regular threats from companies, lawyers, and unhappy employees, trying to take us down.

Meanwhile, most consumers won’t pay to have their cases advocated (and if they do, they expect a 100 percent success rate), nor will they pay a subscription fee to an advocacy site.

The nonprofit advocacy site you’re reading works. And it works well.

We get results

In the last 30 days, we’ve received 664 cases through the help form, a 33 percent increase from the same period a year ago. For the year, we’ve handled 6,157 cases, an astounding 60 percent increase from 2017. These are only the most serious problems, and if you’ve ever filled out that form you know that we ask for a lot of details. Our advocates resolve many more cases through other channels, like our forums.

Every day on this site and in my syndicated columns, you can see the results of our advocacy. We solve the toughest consumer problems. We find justice when all hope is lost.

Simply put, there’s nothing like this organization on the planet. And we’re not just here for you — we’re here because of you. Your financial support ensures our survival. Without your help, I couldn’t publish this site.

Speaking of publishing, our reach has never been bigger, thanks to you. Year-to-date, our pageviews are up 20 percent to 8.9 million. Most impressive is the number of new users, which is up 30 percent to 3.2 million.

Will you become a part of this organization? Here’s how.

Why we need you now

I’ll be honest: This has been a challenging fundraiser. We set our goal at $40,000, which would have covered some of our basic expenses. We’ve raised just over $13,000. I’m truly grateful to all of you who have already participated.

But unless we can make up some of the difference, we’ll have to scale back our ambitions for 2019. That can mean anything from a slower server to having a less up-to-date site. Search engines like Google punish sites that run slower, so that means less visibility for our stories — and less opportunity to help consumers.

I hope you’ll consider becoming a financial supporter of this site now. Just click on this link and you can pay by credit card. Remember, 100 percent of your donation will go to our advocacy. You literally are keeping this site online!

Today, on Giving Tuesday, please make Elliott Advocacy a part of your 2018 charitable donation. You will be helping make the world a little better for consumers.

Thank you.

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