Road trip update: Bonjour, Québec?

Note: As part of our Away is Home project, I’ll be offering regular updates on our whereabouts and asking for your travel advice. Why? Because you know more about travel than I do.

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We’re headed north.

Although our real road trip doesn’t start until October (we’ll have more details on Monday, along with an exciting list of sponsors) we need to test our site and make sure everything is working correctly. And the only way to do that is to take a trip.

So it’s north for us, for a few reasons. First, you can’t really drive much farther to the south here in Florida without hitting water. But also, we have family up there, and I have always want to return to Québec, ever since I attended a conference there back in 2002.

So here’s the plan.

View New York/Washington/Québec in a larger map

We’re not going to drive straight to Montreal. That’s madness. Instead, we’ll make a stop halfway there, at the grandparents’. And on our way back, we’ll swing by Washington to catch up with some clients and show the kids some of the things they missed on their last visit.

At least that’s what we’re thinking.

Here’s where we need your help.

Where do we go in Québec? I’ve seen Québec City, and been to Montreal briefly. But I was there during the dead of winter. We know one week is hardly enough to explore this part of Canada. Do you know of any cultural attractions of high educational value that we absolutely have to see?

What about DC? If you had two or three days in DC with kids, what would you do? We’ve already seen the big attractions, so we’re looking for something different, but not too touristy. I imagine we’ll hit a few museums, but beyond that, where do we go?

How do we cover this? I was reading about Sara Costello’s family road trip this morning, and although she’s a talented writer, the laundry-list, “we-did-this/we-did-that” narrative is not the most exciting way to recount an adventure. Do a series of blog posts work better? Tweets? Foursquare updates?

Where do we cover this? I’ve been compiling multimedia-rich updates (with video, audio, photos and interactive maps) for my friends over at National Geographic Traveler. We’ll have them here on this site and on Away is Home, too, of course. But where else? Should I try to syndicate these accounts to the folks over at Tribune? How about spin them into a book — would you read a book about a family road trip?

So many questions! The whole family was featured on the This Week in Travel podcast yesterday, and if you tune in, you’ll hear more questions than answers. There’s so much we still don’t know.

I’m a reluctant traveler. I don’t enjoy traveling, by which I mean flying and staying in hotels. But I can’t resist a good road trip.

Also, I don’t want my kids growing up without learning about the world. I’ve spent the last decade behind a desk, and it’s time to get out there and show them the planet.

(Photo: Mon onc’ Paul/Flickr)

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