16 thoughts on “Please vote on our new logo

  1. I actually liked the firm if the luggage logo best. But, the colors looked too US centric. (Which is odd, since they are the same as France, Britain, Netherlands, Australia, etc etc etc).

    I also agree with the other comments re: the name. “Travelers together” maybe?

      1. I know, that’s why I voted for it. Hence my saying that at least the third one also had them as opposed to being generic clipart.

  2. I voted for the Globe as I believe this group, although based in the United States, will seek advice from contributors that reside elsewhere.

  3. As a Washington-based (USA-based) organization, I ask: what’s wrong with America-centric imagery? After all, just who do you folks think is going to be funding this organization? The French, Italian, or Danish travelers?

  4. The globe has a mushroom on it. Uncool. The suitcase makes it look like all you are interested is in luggage. Not so good. The compass is boring but it is the only one left.
    Next time pay someone to come up with a logo.

  5. Use the clean lines of the luggage logo, but lose “united”. Surely you can come up with a word that is not already represented by a (actively disliked) airline.

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