Please nominate your favorite travel Twitter personality of 2012

Who’s worth following on Twitter?

I’m compiling the definitive list for 2012. But I can’t do it alone.

Here’s how it works: Between today and Friday, Nov. 19, I’m accepting nominations for your favorite Twitter users in the travel biz. Whose microbloggy quips in 140 characters or less are worth paying attention to? Whose aren’t?

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A few things to keep in mind:

• Nominees must be real persons, not gnomes, newspapers that use antiquated honorifics or figments of your imagination.

• They should limit themselves to travel content, mostly.

• They must have a reasonably well-established presence on Twitter. (I leave it to your good judgment to decide what that means.)

So no, technically I don’t qualify for this list, since I cover customer service issues. But you can follow me at @elliottdotorg if you want to know when I’ve published an updated list of nominees.

Here are a few sources to consider.

I trust Klout’s algorithm about as much as I do any of the candidates running for president, which is to say, I don’t. But like presidential candidates, they are the best we have.

Here’s who Klout thinks is important:

Gary Arndt
Melvin Boecher
Michael Hodson
Iain Mallory
Paul Steele

Tweet top
I’m not entirely sure how they come up with their list, but you might find a few folks worth nominating. Adventure Girl, for example, has a cool million-plus followers. Who knew there were a million people on twitter who cared about travel? Anyway, definitely worth a look.

The Telegraph List
This thing pops up in all the searches. It’s old and Brit-focused, but the thing just won’t go away. For your consideration.

The Shorty Awards
You don’t have to be a cynic to see that this one devolved into a big ballot-box stuffing party, but then again, every online popularity contest eventually does. Some of these names will be familiar. Others are delightfully obscure. Check out the entire list of “winners.”

Well, that ought to get you started. Use the comments for nominations or send me an email. I’ll post a poll soon, and then the voting will begin.

The pool’s open.

(Photo: Creative Tools SE/Flickr)