Please don’t read this post

trackThey don’t want you to.

And you know who they are. They’re the ones making your life miserable when you travel: The companies who seem to come up with a surcharge for everything. The ones who treat you like cargo, like office furniture, like walking dollar bills.

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They hate this site.

Which is why I’m asking you to do your part to support this blog and newsletter.

Twice a year, I ask readers like you to do your part to fund this project. There are expenses, including ISP bills, paying a Webmaster and the many hours of research that go into making this site one of the leading sources of travel information and consumer advocacy.

I thought about the best way to bring you this message. The funny approach, with pictures of trips gone horribly (or humorously) wrong? Or scare tactics — here’s what could happen if you don’t help? Perhaps a little drama: You absolutely must help or I’ll pull the plug on this site!

But no. The honest approach is the one I like the best.

Please help. You’ll be doing your part to make travel better.

If for no other reason, then do it because they don’t want you to.

Here’s how.

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