The one rule your airline hates the most


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What’s the one rule your airline hates the most? I’ll tell you in my USA Today column.Drop on by and join the discussion!

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This week’s burning question

Burning question: Ever thought of becoming a travel “hacker”? Do you book mistake fares and churn your credit cards to run up miles? Do you use discount codes that you find online to secure a deal, even if you’re not entitled to it? Then you may be a travel hacker. If you are, I’d love to know where you draw the line between “ethical” and “unethical” hacking. And I’d love to include your comments in an upcoming column. Here’s my email address.

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11 thoughts on “The one rule your airline hates the most

    1. Sold Inside Ticketed Inside the USA 🙂
      Btw, I read the ugly comments in USA Today.
      Some people just don’t want to understand.

      1. Sadly, so many think agents have full control of what they sell and that is just untrue. We don’t make the rules when it comes to the airline tickets and are told what we can and can not do.

      2. BTW, this is where a good, knowledgeable advocate steps up and helps consumers understand how things really work.

  1. Hacking is good. Stealing is not good.
    The word hacking has taken a new meaning.
    It is no longer someone trying to steal your identity or some military secret.
    Hack is used positively in the best US technical schools.
    Don’t believe me. Then try to send your kid to MIT in Cambridge, Mass.
    They have a site called HackMIT dot org.
    Each year MIT has this hackaton inviting about 1000 students.

    Half a block north in Third Street is a place called hack/reduce.
    It’s a non profit helped by the State of Mass. It has partnerships with MIT, CSAIL, Bentley University. and Harvard. Sponsors include Microsoft, IBM, GoGrid, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, Dell, Atlas Venture, Bessemer Venture Partners, Hopper, Bright Spark Ventures, Google, and others.

    And then there is Kayak’s own hacker fare …

    Folks need to understand, using computer and human skills to find the lowest fares and being first to publish it is the holy grail of fare searching. People are looking for deals everywhere.

    Hacking is not the same as stealing or cheating.
    You can use your brains to lower your airfare.

    1. Hacking in the sense used here is gaming the system. But get found trying it, and airlines treat you as a criminal anyway.

      1. Remember CE’s video on back-to-back ticketing way back in 2009?
        elliott dot org/elliott-videocast/whats-a-back-to-back-airline-ticket/

        Chris was a hacker back then?
        So what is new?

  2. I would really like to read this article but the ATT popups do not allow me to read it. No matter how careful I am with the cursor, they jump right at me, blocking the article. I even tried to email myself a link, but that was just the same list of articles that I started with. Are we getting a little carried away with the advertising? If your advertisers are so aggressive that they alienate us, they need to re-think their approach.

      1. I’ll do some research, VoR, thanks for the tip. My little laptop has been acting stupid lately. Or perhaps it’s the fact that I loathe USA Today and the gremlins know it!

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