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Hotel luggage theft: “He looked like a professional”
Athena Foley and her husband wish they’d never stayed at the Hotel Ändra. When they checked into the Seattle boutique hotel this summer, one of their bags was stolen after they surrendered it to the bellhop.

Is “heartless” Southwest Airlines profiting from dad’s death?
Jennifer Kucinski lives in Kansas City. Her father lives in Orlando. Make that lived in Orlando. A few weeks ago, she received devastating news that her dad had passed away unexpectedly. Compounding that tragedy was the fact that Southwest Airlines was trying to stick her with two overpriced plane tickets, a decision she calls “heartless.”

Customer service lessons learned from a summer of travel
It’s the little things that matter. After being on the road nonstop since finishing my book “Scammed: How to Save Money and Find Better Service in a World of Schemes, Swindles, and Shady Deals,” back in June, I can tell you that good customer service isn’t a big deal — it’s a lot of small ones.

TSA Watch: Is the TSA’s 10th birthday cause for celebration?
Happy birthday, TSA. The federal agency charged with protecting the nation’s transportation systems turns 10 Nov. 19.

What’s your problem? Sears “oven insurance” didn’t cover my range
When Anthony Guglielmo buys a Kenmore oven from a Sears outlet, he finds the range doesn’t work as expected. He’d like Sears to replace it — after all, he bought “insurance” to cover it — but the retailer has other ideas.

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