You may notice something a little different about this site

Everything changes and nothing stands still — at least if Heraclitus is to be believed.

Today, you can believe the old philosopher. My IT team and our friends at BoardingArea are putting the finishing touches on a top-to-bottom redesign of this site. We wanted to create something more mobile-friendly, interactive and useful.

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Among the changes:

Brand new forums.
We switched to Xenforo, which is simply the best forum software out there. Our new forum will focus on solving common consumer problems, but there will be a fair amount of discussion, too. I hope you’ll participate. Please log in to the new forum now and get your username.

A mobile-friendly blog design.
We’re using a new theme framework called Foundation to design the site. It’s fast, responsive and fun to work with. We stripped away all of the extraneous graphics and banners and tried to focus on the commentary and discussion. You know, less is more. I hope we’ve succeeded.

A new company contact database.
As many of you know, we lost a whole year’s worth of research in our company contact database during a tragic system error this summer. We’re almost ready to unveil a new company contact section that uses custom fields and is completely exportable. You’ll be able to see the results by clicking on “company contacts” under the “help” banner. We expect it to go live later today.

So why am I telling you about this? Because I need your feedback. Tell us if you see any glitches or if there are any features you’d like us to add to the new site.

And please mind the wet paint and ladders. We’re still fixing a few things.

It’s OK. Heraclitus said this would happen.

20 thoughts on “You may notice something a little different about this site

  1. Great look and feel. I miss seeing the time and date of the last post in each sub-forum on the forum home page. Also on the site’s home page forums should be listed at the top not hidden in the help tab.

  2. Recommend a few things:

    1. Reduce the byline font size by about 25% (way too big for my tastes)
    2. Change the front page font color to standard blue for hyperlinks
    3. Add the comment count on the front page

        1. On the RBG color model: Red=0, Green=0, Blue=255.

          The reduction in size refers to the title of the articles (sorry if I used the wrong term).

          Also, I would suggest you use this color for all hyperlinks. The color you’re using now blends in with the regular text font and is harder to detect.

  3. It is a personal problem:

    I usually zoom 150% to make easy ready the comments. But now the home page has huge pictures, using a full screen each one. Even a 125% zoom, the pictures are still very big.
    It isn’t visually nice.

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