It’s almost a white Christmas in Seaside, Fla.

It’s the sand. It’s white, like snow.

At this latitude, it’s about as close to a white Christmas as it gets.

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We’re staying at the WaterColor Inn & Resort in nearby Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. Our house is a short walk to the beach. The kids are really excited about spending part of their Christmas here, mostly because they love the beach.

The adults? Well, if we can’t have a white Christmas, this’ll do.

Seaside is practically empty at this time of year. I’m told everyone comes here during the summer, although there are a fair number of year-round residents at WaterColor and in Seaside, which are both part of what’s sometimes referred to as the Florida “Planhandle” because of its many planned communities.

I like WaterColor — it’s classy without being pompous, which is something that can’t be said for many other Florida beach resorts. Plus, it’s family-friendly without selling out to the kids. (No theme-park rides or annoying cartoon characters. Not that there’s anything wrong with cartoon characters, but there’s a time and place for them, and it’s not here.)

Seaside and Santa Rosa Beach have a great feel, too. Like you’re vacationing somewhere in the Midwest. Every house looks like a Norman Rockwell painting. Oh, remember that movie The Truman Show? It was filmed here.

Our time at WaterColor was too short. We’re driving home tomorrow morning. At least we had our white Christmas.

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