Is this the latest car rental scam?

Your rental car is fine — just sign here.

Next time you hear that, remember what happened to Chuck Johns when he picked up his rental car from Europcar in Paris.

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“The agent asked me to sign that there was no damage,” he says. “How did he know there was no damage, I asked. He said, ‘I know’.”

He didn’t.

Fortunately, Johns didn’t take the employee’s word for it.

I went to get the car and there was a significant dent on the rear. We had a few words and he came out and confirmed on my application the damage.

When I returned the car to Paris on 9/16, the agent did not even wish to look at the car. There was no damage caused by me but they did not want to even look. I found that strange.

What do you think is up here?

We already know that damage claims are a significant revenue-generator for some car rental agencies. But this is the first time I’ve heard of a car rental company interfering with a pre-rental inspection for what appeared to be questionable reasons.

Is this a new car rental scam — or just an employee who was too tired to do a walk-around with a customer?

Have you ever come across the “trust me” line when you rented a car?

(Photo: Prescott/Flickr Creative Commons)

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