Is this enough compensation? They’re filming an action movie in my hotel, and it’s loud

My wife had an unusual experience this morning,” writes reader Kent Schaum. “Kathy was awoken at 6 a.m. to a film crew filming an upcoming shoot-it-up thriller next door.”

Who needs an alarm clock when you can be woken by the sounds of explosions and gunfire?

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Problem is, the Westin Philadelphia, where she was staying, promises guests they’ll be treated to “comfort and style” when they stay at the hotel. Its 294 guest rooms and 19 suites are, “all beautifully appointed with welcoming décor and revitalizing amenities. Our signature Heavenly Bed ensures a relaxing night’s sleep, and the Heavenly Bath is the perfect place to refresh.”

The rest wasn’t exactly heavenly, according to her husband.

With guns blazing and hard knocks on the door to ‘take 505’ as they yelled out. (She is in 507) this needlessly scared the crap out of her, not to mention interrupting what little sleep she could manage before important meetings all day.

Does the Westin owe her anything for the inconvenience?

Before we get to the resolution (such as it is) let’s spend a moment on the movie that was being shot at the Westin. It’s called Safe and it’s directed by Boaz Yakin and stars Jason Statham. A synopsis online describes it as a thriller in which Statham spirits a girl from mobsters.

I’ve seen enough Statham movies to know that if this one probably contains gratuitous explosions and a high body count.

So when Schaum’s wife says the shoot was loud, you should believe her.

After contacting the front desk repeatedly, it offered to send her room-service breakfast to make up for the problem. But that wasn’t enough.

As his wife explains it,

I was terrified when I saw all these guys literally outside my door, blocking it with their carts full of equipment, talking about guns and then banging on my door. Outrageous!

The hotel manager is “investigating” with the sales manager to see what the film’s contract said and will get back to me.

Seriously? What about THEIR contract with ME?

Good point.

I suggested the Schaums contact Starwood, which owns Westin, to see if they could do better than an offer of free breakfast. A brief, polite email later, they did.

Westin offered them a credit for a free night, which the guest accepted and said she was happy with.

Is that enough?

Should the property have refunded her room, given that it didn’t give her the room, as advertised? Or is a credit sufficient?

What do you think? A survey of more than 1,000 readers this morning said: It’s not enough.

(Photo: gy nti 46/Flickr Creative Commons)