How do I stay productive when I travel? Here are my secrets

Here are a few of my little secrets to keeping the articles and posts coming at a steady clip, even when I’m away.

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Seriously, I didn’t have to ask my kids to do this stuff. They were just being themselves.

How do you stay productive while you’re out of the office? (Besides being focused.)

More videos can be found on Away is Home.

4 thoughts on “How do I stay productive when I travel? Here are my secrets

  1. My key to staying focused when my family travels is to work the odd hours – early AM before my husband and daughter wake up, a little time late afternoon when they head to the pool, beach or to get an ice cream etc., and late night as everyone else is winding down.

    This allows me to enjoy the majority of my day while still staying on top of the urgent items when I’m away from the office.

  2. My key to staying productive while on vacation is to take my work email off of my cellphone and leave my work laptop at home. Then, when I return to work, I am truly refreshed and ready to be productive.

  3. Love the “You’ll be surprised where you can find a wireless connection” bit, so true. I once found one along side the road in CA while I waited for beach goers to finish up. 

    Adorable kids by the way!

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