Going anywhere this spring and summer? (SURVEY)

It’s that time of year. I’m interested in your upcoming travel plans — and your best advice for a better trip.

Please take the survey. I’ll report the results soon.

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9 thoughts on “Going anywhere this spring and summer? (SURVEY)

  1. This question cracked me up: “I’m making extra purchases with my credit card to get a free frequent flier ticket.”

    1. It’s funny – I was actually skimming the answers and was going to check that until I did a second pass. I wound up spending frequent flier miles and got lucky enough to score first class tickets to New Zealand and back. No fees, interest, or loyalty to a particular airline was necessary. The only cost was, I had to book about 9 months out. And it’s about $150 in taxes.

  2. I entered our tip, even though the second one (for summer) said “spring break”. Assume you want to fix that Chris.

    Also, here are some other tips that have helped us the most …

    – Stop every 90 minutes to stretch. Keeps the muscles from tightening up.
    – Stay hydrated. Helps with allergies and dry sinuses from air conditioning.
    – Take direct routes instead of the “fastest”, especially in unfamiliar places. Simpler and harder to get lost.
    – Ask for top floor, corner hotel rooms away from traffic. Generally much quieter.
    – Be sure to check hours of operation. Early on in our travels, we didn’t and ended up missing things after a good bit of driving. May seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at the attractions that have limited hours, even in a place like Vegas.
    – Apps that have helped us a lot: 1Weather, GateGuru, Kayak, Microsoft Streets and Trips (e.g, for the every 90 minute stops).

  3. I guess Chris doesn’t have a penchant against hotel loyalty programs. I spent an extra 35 dollars during a 7 days at a hotel to acquire 10,000 points. Enough for a complimentary room at around 75-100 bucks. So I guess not a bad deal…..

    Have to weigh the pros vs cons. Same goes for frequent flyer miles/

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