This should help you get there

Elliott Advocacy fundraiser --BFGoodrich tires giveaway.

You might get the impression from reading this site that all our readers do is travel — specifically, that they fly everywhere they go.

Not true. More than half our cases are non-travel related, and besides, most travelers don’t fly; they drive. That’s why I’m excited to tell you about our next fundraiser giveaway. Our friends at BFGoodrich are giving away a set of tires, up to $1,200 in value, to one lucky underwriter this week. I’ll have details in a minute.

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How to get there? That’s what we’re all about

Nothing will help you get to your destination like a good set of wheels, which is why these tires are more than a coveted prize for one of our financial supporters. In a way, they represent our mission as consumer advocates.

Our volunteer advocates, editors, writers, and researchers aren’t just there to fix your problems. They want to help you avoid problems in the first place, and to ensure your consumer transaction is as smooth as possible. In short, they want to get you there, problem-free, whether it’s a real journey or a metaphorical one.

I spent the first chapter of both of my books talking about the importance of careful planning meticulous research. They’re essential to getting to your destination, whether it’s a large consumer purchase or an actual place.

Next to the flying myth (“everyone who reads this site flies”), the one about the nature of our advocacy is among the most enduring. No, we don’t spend most of our time at war with companies, fighting for your rights. Most of our efforts are expended helping prevent such conflicts from starting in the first place.

It’s not quite as exciting as a bloody battle with a corporation, but then, wouldn’t you rather not have to call one of our consumer advocates because you had a trouble-free transaction?

A better way to get there

Our friends at BFGoodrich have offered to support our advocacy work by donating a set of tires to the cause. That says a lot about the company. As you probably know, BFGoodrich is owned by Michelin, whose mission statement promises “a better way forward” and includes “respect for customers.”

Wow, did they read our mission statement, which also touches on those themes?

So I was honored when BFGoodrich offered to help us get there. If you’re headed to the mountains this summer, I think you’ll appreciate the features on BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3, which has a tougher sidewall than standard tires and delivers better traction in mud and rocks.

Although this site’s single biggest financial supporters are readers like you, we also depend on contributions from forward-looking companies to cover our legal, IT, and staff costs. But my favorite kind of sponsorships are the ones where our goals are aligned. That’s certainly the case with BFGoodrich. We both want a better way forward.

Please help us get there

We’re about halfway through our spring fundraiser. I’ll be honest: this has been a challenging one. While we’ve seen enthusiastic support from readers, we haven’t had a matching donation offer from any of our corporate underwriters yet. That means we’re relying on you exclusively this time to raise the $30,000 we need to keep the lights on.

Will you add your name to our list of underwriters? Your generous donation will help fund the advocacy this summer. Thank you!