Can this trip be saved? “We just had the worst vacation ever!”

Craig and Jamie Talley just had the worst vacation ever. Their words, not mine. I’ve seen a lot of bad trips, and as far as “worst vacations” go, this one’s right up there with the worst of ’em.

Among the highlights: Crossed wires with their online travel agent, surly service (if you can even call it that), substandard facilities, extra expenses and ultimately, and early departure. Like, four days early.

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Do they deserve a full refund?

The Talleys think they do. I think they deserve something.

What do you think? Can this trip be saved?

Here’s what happened to the Talleys:

We just had the worst vacation ever.

My husband and I booked a seven-night, all-inclusive trip to St. Maarten, at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort, through Once we arrived at the airport, we had no transfer to the 4 ½ star resort. We had to rent a car.

We checked into our hotel room, which was supposed to have been newly renovated in July of 2009. Our room looked as though it was 40 years old — mold in the bath and all over the tile floors.

Let me interrupt for just a second. Here are a few photos.

Behind the door in their room.

The moldy tile.

Now, on with the story.

We proceeded to the outside bar where we waited ten minutes to receive drinks from a very rude and unfriendly bartender. We had to charge our drinks to our room. The front desk told us we had indeed not paid for an all-inclusive vacation.

We asked them to make a toll free call to to confirm. We were told that the resort was unable to make a toll-free call from the Island.

We never received even a bottle of water. Rain coming through our front door, no coffee, and no power for hours at night.

We paid an extra $300 to leave this place and fly back to Dallas four days early.

We have never been on such a horrible vacation as this. We have made numerous calls and emails to with no avail. We hope that nobody else has to go through a scam like we did!

I agree, this was a bad situation. I suggested the couple contact by email, which they did. refunded the resort portion of their trip and apologized for the bad experience.

But the Talleys aren’t done. They believe should also refund their airfare.

And here’s where I’m on the fence. Yes, the Talleys had a horrible vacation, and shouldn’t have ever sent them to that resort. But should the online agency be on the hook for the plane ticket, too?

I don’t know. I see still sells this property, and the photos from the Talleys are not entirely convincing.

Should I mediate this one? Or is a refund of their hotel good enough?

I ran a poll this morning, and here are the results.

One thought on “Can this trip be saved? “We just had the worst vacation ever!”

  1. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with  Always have had good ones until now.  Had to cancel a hotel room due to death of a nephew in Afghanistan. Funeral a few days before our trip.  Thought it was in bad taste to go given the horror.  I was charged a given amount on my credit card.  Divide that by 5 days and you get a certain amount for the one night that I was charged for due to cancellation.  Their math is different than mine.  Their’s came to about $50.00+ dollars more.  They offered some sad excuse.  Bottom line, take my charge for the entire trip, that was charged on my credit card, divide the one night out that I was charged and credit the rest.  Sad.  I love being ripped off.  As I pray for my nephew, I’ll say one for

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