By a wide margin, US Airways is your least favorite airline

The results of our weekend survey are in, and they’re a little bit of a bombshell. I asked you to name your least favorite major domestic airline, and the fact that US Airways won is no surprise.

But the fact that it won by such a margin was something of a shocker, at least to me.

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With 631 ballots cast over three days, almost 34 percent of the votes went to US Airways. American Airlines was the runner-up, with 20 percent. United Airlines (19 percent) Delta Air Lines (17 percent) and Southwest Airlines (9 percent) rounded out the bottom.

The least least favorite airline? JetBlue Airways, with just 2 percent of the vote.

Let’s go straight to your comments.

My least favorite airline is US Airways, for many reasons.

First, poor service.

Second, fees and prices. They seem to always be the first to roll out new fees.

And third, poor treatment of employees (yes, I have friends who work for US Airways).

That’s from reader Brenda McElroy, and it pretty much sums up what everyone else said about US Airways. Despite signifiant improvements, both in service and in the profits department, US Airways still has a long way to go before they move it out of the “least favorite” category, according to many travelers.

American scored poorly for similar reasons. Here’s reader David Brakebill:

American is the worst, mostly because their service is atrocious.

Being based in Key West, I have to fly via Miami, and also flying the Executive Airlines subsidiary of American Eagle — old turboprop service, never on time, snarky personnel. I’ll stop there!

Mary Babcock doesn’t like Delta because … well, it isn’t Northwest.

The service is nothing compared to what it was when it was Northwest. You can no longer upgrade using miles on line when purchasing your ticket.

I’m Platinum and not always upgraded. With Northwest as a gold I was always upgraded.

Using Delta’s online ticketing system is crazy sometimes it tells you you can’t book for the price it gives you that you have to call in and then the price is much higher.

And from reader Paolo Lawrie comes this love letter for Southwest:

It’s the worst airline.

No assigned seats. A no-frills approach. No premium economy, business or first. No upgrades.

Lack of presence on web searches for flights. Ugly livery and interiors. Second-tier cities served are inconvenient. Standing in line for boarding passes.

They also have a smug approach, and think they’re the best.

I wanted to also give a nod to Spirit Airlines. Even though I didn’t include the carrier in the poll (too small) several of you nominated the company as your least favorite. Had I featured it as an option, I’m sure it would have done well.