Aboard the Epic with kids … and cartoons

This is the view from our cabin aboard the NCL Epic. Nothing but the ship’s wake and dark blue Mediterranean as far as the eye can see.

We’re finding our way around this gargantuan ship today, enroute to our first port of call in Italy. So far, we’ve located the basics: food (Garden Cafe), water (the upper deck pool), a good view from deck 15 …

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… and yeah, the kids found SpongeBob.

I’ll have more when we make landfall sometime tomorrow. We’ll also post more updates to our new family travel site, Away is Home.

9 thoughts on “Aboard the Epic with kids … and cartoons

    1. I took this cruise in May.  Wifi is NOT free and doesn’t work in rooms, it only works in open deck space. 

      I really enjoyed the cruise, but the port days are very long!

  1. Chris,
    We were on board just before you. We departed as your group came on. It’s a great cruise, I loved the stop in Majorca. My biggest issue was the crazy cost of shore excursions. My group saved thousands by doing it ourselves. Hope you’re having a great time!

  2. Aft balcony??? Great!! My favorite cabin on any ship. Have a great time….(I’m glad I’m not there, as Spongebob and children and Nickelodeon are not on my list of faves, but if I was a kid and had a dad who was taking me on such a cruise I would feel so lucky!) I hope you and your family have a wonderful time, I’m looking forward to all of your updates.

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