7 unbelievably good reasons to order Scammed right now

You need to get Scammed now. Otherwise, you could get scammed.

My new book, Scammed: How to Save Your Money and Find Better Service in a World of Schemes, Swindles, and Shady Deals is available online now and arrives in bookstores Dec. 27.

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You can get your own copy now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iTunes. It’s being offered at an amazing 39 percent off the list price on Amazon and B&N. What a deal!

Here are a few more reason you need to order Scammed today:

It’s the book they don’t want you to read. Corporate America would prefer that you didin’t have the information I reveal in Scammed because it will give you the upper hand in every purchase you make as a consumer. Many shady businesses want to keep you ignorant — and buying their scammy products.

The reviews are really awesome. Critics have called Scammed “eye-opening” and “inspiring.” One reader, who just finished the Kindle version yesterday, said, “you can read chapter after chapter without wanting to put it down.”

I explain why you’re being scammed. Why are we so unhappy with certain businesses, like cable TV companies and wireless carriers? Why do we always seem to be the losers in every transaction? I investigate what’s happening behind the scenes when a company tries to pull a fast one. You’ll be shocked.

I’ll tell you how to avoid it. The most exciting part of Scammed is that I have the space to share my insider tips that will ensure you won’t fall for the scams perpetuated by many businesses. It’s information unethical companies would do anything to prevent you from reading.

I’ll help you be a better consumer. My life’s mission is to make sure you’re never, ever scammed again. And so Scammed is full of never-before published tips on how to stay out of trouble, no matter who you’re doing business with.

I’ll tell you all my secrets. If you’ve ever wanted to know why I became a consumer advocate, you’ll want to get your hands on this book. I tell you about all the times I was scammed, and how it turned me into a crusader for customers. These are extremely personal stories that I won’t be writing about anywhere else.

You’ll be supporting more consumer advocacy. By buying Scammed you’re casting a vote for more consumer journalism. Isn’t that reason enough to order your copy now?

Here’s how to order Scammed on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iTunes. Remember, it’s being offered at 39 percent off the list price on Amazon and B&N during the holidays.

8 thoughts on “7 unbelievably good reasons to order Scammed right now

  1. I am not going to order this book! 

    (ha ha, ordered it two months ago and already have it! … will start reading tomorrow unless I can get out of the nonfestivities tonight)

  2. Ordered this book months ago – received it this week.  I’ve skimmed through the book and promptly ordered another copy for my avid-consumer son and his wife.  The topics are similar to those on elliott.org, onyoursi.de and mint.com, but treated at more length and more depth.

  3. I ordered it from Amazon and have been reading it for the past two days. Absolutely fascinating. Great book. Congratulations.

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