5,000 posts — here are the top 5

5,000 posts.

That’s a remarkable milestone, considering that most of the posts are stories that take days, even months, to research and write.

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Here are the five most popular posts that have appeared on this site since it launched in 1996.

1. Southwest Airlines pilot holds plane for murder victim’s family

2. Best and worst car rental companies

3. Passenger forced to stand for a seven-hour airline flight

4. “What kind of pie is that?” the TSA agent demanded

5. Yes, the name on your airline ticket can be changed! (Thanks, Expedia)

Thanks for a great run. Here’s to the next 5,000.

21 thoughts on “5,000 posts — here are the top 5

  1. What determined the ranking? I didn’t recognize one of the stories (name change, #5), clicked on it and found only 19 comments. Other stories have hundreds of comments. Maybe the older comment system didn’t translate into Disqus? What criterion did you use?
    Congrats on 5000 posts and I really am looking forward to the next 5000. Now if only you can deliver them without the pop-ups and pop-unders. Clicking on this story brings up a Publisher’s Clearing House pop-under. Slightly more classy than LowerMyBills, I guess.
    Or is this all a nefarious scheme? Just become a paid subscriber and all the ads and pop-ups/unders go away! But wait, there’s more – free tin foil hat with every subscription! 😉

    1. Traffic stats only go back as far as 2004. I didn’t start using comments until 2006, when I migrated to WordPress.

      Re: the pop-ups. Is there anyone with some tech know-how who can figure out who is serving those ads? I have asked every one of the companies who serve ads if it’s them. The only ones who have gone into radio silence are Travora. (Federated Media denies it, and Adsense isn’t doing it.) Help!

        1. Thanks, Raven. Of course, it didn’t do it this morning – so far.

          This happens using either IE9 or Chrome, under Windows XP (different computer than this one) and Windows 7, McAfee or Norton antivirus. I clean cookies pretty regularly using CCleaner. Hope this additional info helps.

          1. Thanks. I know they are coming from Optmd.com. I just don’t know who is serving them. Ads are being served from Google Adsense, Federated Media (Lijit) and Travora. One of them is responsible. But who?

          2. Will all due respect, forget who is responsible and simply tell your users how to BLOCK it.

            I don’t have the problem in Firefox because I use AdBlock and NoScript.

            I had the problem with Chrome, but after I installed AdBlock the problem went away.
            If you use Chrome just install AdBlock:

            I don’t use IE for anything except my GDS application.

            I have no need for Opera so maybe someone else can share how to block it for IE and Opera.

          3. You can also go to Optmd.com and block it from there. I use Chrome and when I disable my adblock extension, I see the pop-unders — but not every time. Believe me, I’m working on this. I apologize for the problem.

          4. If you go to their site and elect to OPT OUT, you must have their cookie stay on your browser (since that is the way their “program” knows you opted out). I tried opting out but it did not work. Why? Since I clean out cookies after every browsing session, then that would not work for me.

            I also use NoScript for Firefox and NotScript for Chrome. But that might be overkill for those who don’t care to decide which sites will be allowed to run scripts while browsing.

          5. Thanks for the link in Chrome. Virtual freshly baked banana bread (no nuts) for you!
            The only reason I keep harping on this is the pop-unders are a recent phenomenon. I think that they reduce Elliott.org’s credibility as a trusted site. Long-time readers may not care, but if I were a newcomer to the site, I’d wonder and be a little concerned and might not return.
            Then again, I do own a complete set of the “X-Files” (see Sunday’s post for reference).

          6. You are welcome!
            If you install AdBlock you can test its “potency”.
            Simply click the 2 links Michael_K listed above.
            Note that AdBlock will “block” the ads from showing up in your browser.
            Well done AdBlock. Maybe they should make one for web servers so they don’t allow syndication sites from destroying the world.

          7. Woo hoo! I just finished making some raspberry bars and some pecan bars, so TWO virtual sets of goodies for you! No calories, so even Kari should approve. 🙂

  2. I just reread the Southwest story again, and it still gave me chills. *shiver* Such a touching story.

    Also, even bigger a milestone than 5,000 post is SIXTEEN YEARS. Dude! You’re practically vintage in the blogosphere! Many congrats.

  3. Congrats on 5,000. That’s an amazing accomplishment. Don’t know how you manage to stay so disciplined. I have trouble generating two blog posts a week and recently went 2 months without posting anything. What’s your secret?

  4. It is a great success of a blog and blogger too. It is very hard to reach this milestone of 5000 posts because one blog post needs more than 1 day to complete. So congratulation from my heart.

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