11 travel blogs you should bookmark in 2011

Which 11 travel blogs should you bookmark next year?

To answer that question, I consulted my feed reader to find out which travel sites I visit most frequently. It’s a methodology I used for last year’s list, too.

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Update: Here’s a list of 12 travel bloggers worth following in 2012 and 12 travel Twitter personalities you should follow in 2012.

(Related: Here are the best new travel blogs of 2011. I’ve also just launched a new travel blog of my own called Away is Home that’s worth checking out.)

This list shouldn’t be confused with my definitive list of travel blogs I like, although I happen to like all of these blogs. (That list is on the left side of this page — see “Friends”.) Nor should it be mistaken for your favorites.

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Here we go:

1. Tnooz

This blog covers the intersection between travel and technology, and it does it very well. Many trends that affect travelers originate here, so you have to pay attention to what Tnooz is covering if you’re a consumer advocate. And even if you’re just a consumer.

2. Professor Sabena’s Blog

Timothy O’Neil-Dunne, a.k.a. “Professor Sabena” is a consultant with T2 Impact. I may not agree with everything he writes, but it turns out that I read everything he writes. You should, too.

3. Intelligent Travel

Even if I had no connection at all with National Geographic Traveler (I’m the magazine’s reader advocate) I would still read this blog all the time. Post for post, it is without question the top destination and news blog out there. It grabs your attention with National Geographic-caliber photography and keeps it with compelling stories.

4. Pauline Frommer’s Daily Briefing

I really like Pauline’s insightful mix of consumer news and destination coverage. She’s definitely worth following.

5. The TSA Blog

I don’t like many of TSA’s current policies, but I do like its blog. Their resident “Blogger Bob” doesn’t back down from a debate, even when he’s on the wrong side, which he frequently is. It can’t be easy, but at least there is a dialog, thanks to this site.

6. Consumer Traveler

I co-founded this site, which may be why I’m always reading it. Although I don’t edit it any longer, it has some of the best and brightest travel commenters in the business. Oh, and that flight attendant who wrote those hilarious columns for the site years ago? A little birdie told me he’s making a comeback in 2011.

7. The Fast Lane

If you fly, drive or cruise, you need to bookmark this blog from the Transportation Department.

8. Sky Talk

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s air travel blog remains one of the best, and according to my RSS reader, one of the best-read by yours truly.

9. Alaska TravelGram

I’ve been a longtime fan of Scott McMurren’s newsletter and radio show, but in the last year, his blog has come into its own with original posts and commentary. If you aren’t signed up, you should be.

10. Aviation Queen

Listen up, class. Auntie Benét will now teach us about the airline industry.

11. Today in the Sky

USA Today’s air travel blog remains a must-read. It often points to the most signifiant air travel news of the day.

Which travel blogs do you follow?

(Photo: Vj fiks/Flickr Creative Commons)