They wanted an Overseas Adventure. Now they just want a refund

A Minnesota couple on an Overseas Adventure trip to Latin America got more than they bargained for when they requested a tour refund. Susan Sanger and her husband, Henry Solmer, abandoned a trip with the company in February when he became ill.

This is another hotel horror story. How about an Amex refund?

When Angela Chen arrives late in the evening to her scheduled motel, she is surprised by the locked front door. Eventually, some other guests allow her in, but that’s just the beginning of this nightmare hotel experience. Now she wants American Express to give her a refund for this stay. Should it?

A United Airlines error sent us on a one-way trip

When dentist Scott Goldsleger learns a nor’easter is forecast for Newark, N.J., he rebooks a previously scheduled round-trip flight to Costa Rica on United Airlines. But instead of using his travel agency, he calls United directly and books a flight out two days before the storm arrives. The last thing he’s thinking about is the return flight from Costa Rica, because that is supposedly unchanged from the original booking.

Rejuv Maxx sold me $1,100 in spa services and then closed forever

Kim Wacek sees a great “buy one, get one free” offer on prepaid spa services at a South Florida spa operated by Rejuv Maxx. She spends over $1,100 on the deal, but before she can enjoy any of the services the company closes its doors forever. Did she just get fleeced?

Forced to fly in a broken Air France seat — am I owed a discount?

Barbara Lawrence and her husband fly to Paris on Air France from Boston. They pay extra for premium economy seats because they want to get a good night’s sleep on the overnight flight. Alas, their seats don’t recline, but an Air France ticket agent in Boston tells them the airline will knock 20 percent off the ticket price to make amends for the broken seats. So where’s the discount they were promised?

Did bamboozle this traveler?

Tina Landess Petrich thinks she might have been Bamboozled by She contacted our advocacy team after she booked a two-night stay in Venice at a special nonrefundable rate. But “seconds” after she pressed confirm, she noticed hefty additional fees included in the total. Has she been the victim of a scam?

Who is responsible for this missed honeymoon to Tahiti?

Miranda Jennings Graham and her newly married husband, Weston, booked a honeymoon on Priceline to Tahiti, traveling via American Airlines from Dallas-Fort Worth to Los Angeles, where they had a connecting flight to Tahiti via Air Tahiti Nui.

Miranda Jennings Graham and her new husband, Weston, are today’s poster kids for a missed honeymoon. The Grahams booked their special vacation on Priceline to Tahiti, traveling via American Airlines from Dallas-Fort Worth to Los Angeles, where they had a connecting flight to Tahiti via Air Tahiti Nui.

Why did my international move cost $4,000 more than the original quote?

When Mark Hassan shipped his personal belongings back to the U.S. from Singapore, he paid his shipping company, Allied Pickfords Malaysia, $11,000 prior to the move.

He didn’t expect any problems when the shipment arrived at the port of Savannah, near where he resides. And he certainly didn’t expect to shell out more cash for the shipment to reach his home.

A 50th wedding anniversary trip without luggage thanks to Aer Lingus

When Joe Golding and his wife flew from Chicago to Ireland on Aer Lingus to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, the airline lost their luggage on the way. The couple spent three days traveling without their luggage before it was found and delivered to them. Golding subsequently filed a lost luggage claim, but three months later it still had not been processed. Can our advocates help him get reimbursed?

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